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An Unbeatable Combination

Chiropractic and Massage - An Unbeatable Combination

Combining chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy gets you the best results in the shortest amount of time.  Because of this, we do specific muscle work during each adjustment appointment.  Many of our patients also choose to get longer massages on a regular basis.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

In addition to feeling great, there are many health benefits to regular massage.  More and more, people are depending on regular massage sessions as part of their healthcare regimen like taking vitamins, exercising, and getting adjusted. 

The following list includes just a few of the benefits of regular therapeutic massage:

  • Relieves stress
  • Aids relaxation
  • Increases circulation
  • Stimulates lymph flow
  • Improves skin condition
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Promotes deeper and easier breathing
  • Relaxes injured and overused muscles
  • Reduces spasms and cramping
  • Increases joint flexibility
  • Enhances athletic performance
  • Releases endorphins
  • Relieves pain
  • Increases range-of-motion
  • Reduces swelling (edema)
  • Lowers blood pressure

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Massage:


What happens when I arrive for my appointment?

  If you are new to the office, paperwork that includes contact information and a health history will need to be completed.  This provides the therapist with information about your current state of health, any areas of discomfort, and pressure tolerances.

You are located inside a chiropractic office.  Do I have to be a chiropractic patient to get a massage there?

No. Many of our clients also happen to be our chiropractic patients since the combination of chiropractic and massage works so well together. But we also have clients who are just looking to get a great therapeutic massage.

What is the difference between a Swedish Massage and a Deep-Tissue Massage?

  • In a nutshell, a Swedish massage is meant to be relaxing; it is a serene and calming form of massage. 


  • A Deep Tissue Massage is intended to penetrate deeper into the underlying muscle layers.  This massage is meant to carefully ease out all those strained muscles below the surface, focusing on problem areas.

Do you offer hot stone massage?

Not at this time. But if you are interested in this service, please let us know. We are considering adding it in the future.

Does a massage have to be painful to be effective?

No!  If you have chronic tension or an area that has been tight for a long time, you may initially experience a bit of discomfort.  While deep tissue work is very effective, everyone's pressure tolerance is different.  If the pressure is uncomfortable, it is important to let the therapist know so it can be changed.  

Is it appropriate to tip?

Tipping is never expected, but always appreciated. Most clients tip 10-20% of the regular price of the massage if they are happy with the service.?


What should I do after the session is over?  

It is extremely important that you drink plenty of water following your massage.  Massage encourages the release of lactic acid, as well as other metabolic waste products, and elimination processes of the body.  Drinking water will help your body recover.  You should also avoid any physically demanding activities for the remainder of the day.


I had a massage and am interested in finding out more about chiropractic.  How do I set up a consultation?

We offer a free consultation, exam, and another 30-minute massage.  It's an easy way to find out if chiropractic can help you and there is no obligation of any kind.  Call the office at 513-229-7777 to schedule your consultation.


How often should I have a massage?

It depends on your preference, schedule, budget, and objective for getting a massage.  Relaxation massages are typically every two to four weeks, but your needs may vary dependent upon your stress, activity level, etc. People focused on getting rid of a problem with deep tissue work typically schedule more often.

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